Dr. Hameedullah Kazi

Executive Director (ORIC)

An education management leader skilled in strategic planning, international linkages, management of financial resources, team development, inspiring, motivating, and managing people; understanding organizational and human behavior; handling pressure and a

Zafar Siddiqui

Director (ORIC)

A versatile Faculty Member and Corporate Trainer. Currently working as Director in Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization(ORIC) at Isra University, Hyderabad. At Isra, he is also looking after the role of Entrepreneurship Center to create an

Wafa Pathan

Manager Research Operation & Development

Haseebullah Memon

Manager University Industry Linkages and Career Development

Nabeel Khan

Manager Intellectual Property/Legal Services

Donia Niaz

Manager Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Arsalan Ahmed

ORIC Associate

Adnan Lashari

Administrative Assistant

Hunain Ansari


Ms. Hunza Panhwar

Publication/Communication Specialist - P/CS

Mr. Babar Shaikh

Administrative Assistant - I

Mr. Aqib Qureshi

Administrative Assistant - III